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Bilsem Online & Intelligence Mine

Test Preparation & Cognitive Exercise Platforms
Bilsem Online & Intelligence Mine
The Cognicise product group, which has reached over 1 million users to date and solved 90+ million tests on their platforms, is building the world's most advanced cognitive skills and development platforms with their academic staff and artificial intelligence technology.

Their cognitive skills and development platform is one of the most advanced in the world, holding 6000+ questions prepared by academics and certified as a pedagogical product. With a one-of-a-kind cognitive report, we use AI support to show you your current cognitive intelligence level and share how you can improve your development.
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Career Ladders & Tercih Analizi

Career Path Discovery Platforms
Career Ladders & Tercih Analizi
The career test modules within the Career Ladders & Tercih Analizi performs a combined analysis of the individual's personality interests, traits, prestige, and value, presenting a report of the most suitable occupational fields based on the ISCED (International Standard Classification of Education) codes. The ISCED codes are developed by UNESCO and represent a universally recognized system of occupational codes.

The career test consists of three main stages. Based on our assessments, completion of these stages takes an average of 20 minutes for those who have used our modules.
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Personal Brain Fitness Application
Play games, test your abilities, and get the personal brain fitness program to train your cognitive skills and keep your brain sharp.

Witmina prepares the tailored brain workout program for your cognitive training in line with your interests and needs and enables you to improve your skills in the main areas of Memory, Problem-solving, Attention, Perception, and Coordination by just playing specially designed fun brain games.
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Academic & Scientific products

We conduct product-based standardizations at regular intervals with our team of academics and data scientists.

Artificial Intelligience

We value your cognitive development and are working tirelessly to enhance your cognitive intelligence by combining academic research with artificial intelligence.

Personalized Development Tracking Systems

Our applications tracks your personal improvements and shows you are in right track or not.

Safe Content

We provide save and secure content for our users. The contents in our applications are controlled by experts in their fields. Also your personal data is safe with us.

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Cognicise is a platform that cares about scientific data and combines them with technology and user experience. For about 7 years, we have worked with expert academics and strong project groups to produce beneficial products in the cognitive field. We aim to provide the best methods and tools in this field and make them available to everyone.